Yellowtec iXm Beyer

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Unlike competitive products with added capsules or recorders, iXM overcomes the imbalances in microphone and recorder performance by creating a truly integrated, simple and top performing product.


- Interchangeable mic heads with omnidirectional, cardioid and supercardioid pickup patterns
- High speech intelligibility for noise critical broadcast environments
- Capsule detection for automatic DSP adjustment
- State of the art mic preamp with two 20 Bit ADCs for unmatched Auto Levelling, no AGC
- Line level input jack for press conference recording

Smart Recorder

- Ultra low noise Record/Stop buttons in ergonomic position
- Intuitive, bright status indicators instead of tiny LCD display
- Separate playback keyboard for quick field checks
- Headphone output jack for easy monitoring
- Voice messaging with track information during playback for easy navigation
- Multiple le formats WAV, BWF, MP2
- Easy accessible standard SD Card for virtual unlimited memory


- Dual power source with intelligent switchover for up to 18 hrs of safe and
easy operation
- 3x AAA batteries plus built in rechargeable Li-Ionbattery
- Charge with included USB power adapter or simply via any USB port
- Additional Quick Charge connector for high speed charger unit
- Heavy duty construction for everyday use

Order information

- (# YT5010) iXm Beyer omni-directional (electret) (Preis auf Anfrage)
- (# YT5020) iXm Beyer cardioid (electret) (Preis auf Anfrage)
- (# YT5030) iXm Beyer super-cardioid (dynamic) (Preis auf Anfrage)


- (#YT5011) Mic Head "Beyer omni-directional"....295,00 EU
- (#YT5021) Mic Head "Beyer cardiod"....295,00 EU
- (#YT5031) Mic Head "Beyer super cardiod"....295,00 EU