Audio Developments AD245

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Der AD 245 ist eine aktualisierte Neuauflage des Klassikers AD 145. Die berühmten Vorverstärker und alle essentiellen Features wurden beibe-halten oder verbessert.

Die Ausgänge sind trafosymmetriert.

Speisung extern 12-15 V oder über 8 C Zellen. Gewicht 7 kg (8CH).

Key Features:

- Portabler 6-8 Kanal Mixer
- 48 V PH./12V TA,
- EQ, Limiter
- 8 x C, 180 mA min. 6CH
- Maße : (BxLxH) 300mm x 340mm x 104mm (8CH)

More details:

- AD245 - the new PICO - retains all the facilities, simplicity of operation and reliability of its predecessor (AD145), and has been designed for discerning sound engineers requiring Audio Developments’ build and transparent sound quality.
- The ultra-low-noise microphone amplifier developed for the AD140 series of mixers has now been hybridized for use in AD245. Powering is provided for 48V Phantom
and 12V Tonader microphones.
- Above all others, the most appreciated feature of the original PICO was its simple but effective equalizer. This has been retained in the AD245 - as it has throughout the
140 series of mixers.
- Inputs are protected against radio-frequency interference, and transformer balanced. A high-pass filter protects the transformer against low-frequency saturation. The main,
stereo output is transformer balanced and has separate left and right faders. A transformer-balanced, mono mix down of the main output is also available. An electronically-balanced, stereo tape-return appears on a pair of type-A jacks. An input calibration potentiometer is adjacent to the jacks on the connector panel.
- Limiters - which may be linked for stereo operation - have been incorporated in the main output. Taking advantage of the low noise-floor of modern digital recorders, the limiter slope ratio is a gentle 7:1 ; thereby reducing distortion and making artifacts normally associated with limiters much less noticeable or objectionable. Limiting is indicated by a pair of LEDs.
- A pair of meters - either PPMs or VUs - may be switched to monitor either the main output or the monitor/PFL output, and battery voltage. The meters can be illuminated.
- The frequency of the internal oscillator is selectable between 1kHz and 10kHz, its output replacing the signal on the main output (TONE).
- The headphone monitor may be switched between main output and tape-return - both with PFL override. The left, right and left + right signal paths may be routed to both
contacts of the monitor-output jack.
- Via an internal microphone the operator is able to communicate with the main output (SLATE) and with an outstation (EXT) - from which talkback is available, under logic control. The outstation normally receives the mixer’s mono output.
- All input and output connectors are presented on one surface of the case and in line with their corresponding modules. The connector panel is labeled in order that it may be read from the front of the mixer. The integral carrying handle is also used to support the mixer at a comfortable working angle.
- The mixer receives its power from 8 x C cells fitted internally - the battery housing adding great strength to the casework. Alternatively, power may be supplied from an external 12-15V source. Audio Developments’ AD100-09 power supply unit is designed to drive the mixer and, at the same time, charge a set of nickel
cadmium batteries - when fitted.
- The mixer is available in three frame sizes with 6 & 8 inputs.


- AD245/6V PICO Mixer mit 6 Eingängen, VU (Preis auf Anfrage)
- AD245/6P PICO Mixer mit 6 Eingängen, PPM (Preis auf Anfrage)
- AD245/8V PICO Mixer mit 8 Eingängen, VU (Preis auf Anfrage)
- AD245/8P PICO Mixer mit 8 Eingängen, PPM (Preis auf Anfrage)