DK - Technologies PT5300 HD

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Modular Multi-standard HD and SD gen-lockable sync generator with front panel & remote control. Backward compatible with all options for the digital video generator PT5230. Supports 21 HD formats in addition to SD-SDI(525/625), standard B-Burst PAL and NTSC.


- Multi-format capability: 21 HD formats in addition to PAL, NTSC and standard definition SDI systems.
- Master application with internal or external high stability reference.
- VariTimeTM subnanosecond delay compensation.
- Full genlock capability: 2 fields for SDI; 4/8 fields for NTSC/PAL.
- Up to 8 individually timed tri-level sync outputs.
- Backwards compatibility with modules for PT5230 and PT5210.
- Analogue outputs in combination with SDI outputs.
- Embedded audio in HD and SD serial digital outputs.
- Dual AES/EBU digital audio generator. Separate Wordclock output.
- "Lip Sync" moving element in SDI test patterns synchronised to embedded audio "click".
- Philips Circle pattern or FuBK test pattern.
- Programmable text strings in test pattern generators can be placed on the screen where needed.
- Time and date option for test pattern generators.


PT5300 HD-SD SD Vari Time Sync Generator base unit, 4HD Trigger
Level Sync outputs and 2 SD BB outputs, independently timetable, genlock
to BB, subcarrier, 5MHz and 10MHz (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT5300 SD Vari Time Sync Generator base unit, 2SD BB outputs,
Independently timeable, gunlock to BB, subcarrier, 5MHz and 10MHz (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8601 Analogue TSG option (Preis auf Anfrage)
- PT8603 SDI Test Signal Generator (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8604 Multiple Parallel Black Burst generator, 6 outputs (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8606 SDI Digital Genlock Module (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8608 Black Burst generators, 2 outputs (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8611 HD Tri-Level VariTime Sync Generator (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8612 HD-SD Test Signal Generator (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8613 HD Dual Link Test Signal Generator (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8616 GPS Genlock & LTC Generator icl 180 Grad Antenna & 12 m cable (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8631 Analogue Test Signal generator (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8632 SDI Test Pattern generator (extended) (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8632/10 SDI Test Pattern generator (extended) FuBK 4:3 (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8633 SDI Test Pattern generator (high end) (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8635 Dual AES3 digital audio generator (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8637 Time & Clock Interface (Preis auf Anfrage)

- PT8639 SDI Test Signal generator (basic signals) (Preis auf Anfrage)